Bassday Lures




November 4, 2014 New colors for Masu Salmon for 2015

Four or Five colors will be released.

New colors have been fixed for 2015 Masu Salmon lures.

27 March, 2014  Range Vib 45ES New release for big horse mackerel.

Horse mackerel spec colors and hooks.

After hearing from anglers around the country how incredibly effective it is for over 30cm horse mackerel, we are release a horse mackerel spec Range Vib. Standard horse mackerel colors of ultraviolet and clear. The hooks are fine with shallow barbs allowing hooking with less force while reducing tear outs. Try it when you really want to catch something. To be in stores from late April.

February 1, 2014 Product Information has been updated for 2014.

Lots of new models and new colors.

The Products page has been updated for 2014. Many new products, new colors, and new products under development. Please take a look.