Bassday Lures



NEWS in 2012

November 27, 2012 New colors in small and mid sized trout lures

Announcing new colors for mountain stream and river trout plugs.
2 colors, "M-27R Nijimasu" and "H-50 Blue Back BP (Blue pink)" for:
*Sugar 2/3 Deep SG 52F・72F
*Sugar Minnow SG 50F・60F・70F
*Sugar Deep 35F・50F・70F
*Sugar Minnow Drift Twitcher 50S・70S

2 colors, "M-27R Nijimasu" and "H-301 Chart Back Silver" for:
*ORC Range Vibe 45ES・55ES To be released in order.

November 12, 2012 New colors for Sugar Deep 90F Premium

Known for its eccentric colors, new colors are being released for the Sugar Deep 90F Premium. Two new appeal colors; "Premium IX Yamame Silver Flake Pink" and "Premium X Yamame Silver Flake Orange". Particularly effective in cloudy rivers. To look forward to.

November 9, 2012 New colors for Masu Salmon for 2013

Two new colors have been fixed for 2013 Masu Salmon lures; "M-303 Pink Polka Dot" and "SB-304 Silver-Black OB". Approach the sly Masu Salmon with a slightly different color variation than before.