Bassday Lures




November 10, Hand knitted BASSDAY caps

Three colors, one size fits all.

We will be releasing knitted caps, perfect for winter fishing. They have a label with the「B」mark on the peak and our logo embroidered on the left rear like a patch. The loosely knitted fibres keep your ears and head warm making winter fishing more comfortable. Their stylish design and colors make them ideal for casual use too. They are unisex and one size fits all so you can wear them as a couple.

Shipping to shops to begin in early December.

November 5, 2015 New colors for Masu Salmon for 2016

Three colors will be released.

New colors have been fixed for 2016 Masu Salmon lures.

October 29, 2015 New global Facebook page

We will post product information for our overseas markets.

We have set up a Facebook page for Bassday lures global business.  We will also be posting information on international products that are not available in Japan from time to time. Anglers of the world, please Like our page!

October 29, 2015 New colors for PalmBall and PelletPellet SS/S

5 new colors for each model.

New colors for the ever popular PalmBall and PelletPellet SS/S just in time for the area fishing season. 5 new colors for each model including one with different colors on both sides for PelletPellet SS/S. Expect them in stores from late December.

September 28, 2015 Sugar Minnow Slim 70F Rigid Area Edition

The Area Spec returns, this time with a fixed center weight.

The Area Spec model returns to the Sugar Minnow Slim 70F which is a must have for the “Jerk Slide Method” that works so well on shy trout. What’s more, this time it has a fixed center weight for even better control. Shipping to begin in early November.

September 9, 2015 New colors for Beat Eat and ORC Umibaku Lipless

4 even more eye catching colors.

New colors are coming for Beat Eat 47S/55S and ORC Umibaku Lipless just in time for the fall to winter light game season. While their fishing performance is unquestioned, the beauty of these 4 colors (2 colors are being added to the 2 initially released with ORC Umibaku Lipless) adds to their attractiveness. All to be available in mid-October.

September 9, 2015 Cotton Work Cap with New Logo!

On sale in mid-September in 3 colors.

The first edition of caps with our new logo, the Bassday Cotton Work Cap. 100% textured cotton. Featuring a cotton tag with our new B mark on the peak and the Bassday logo embroidered on the left rear. Starting with 3 colors, designed to match any style for any age.