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Corporate Profile.

Among Japanese trout and saltwater lure makers, Bassday's trout lures such as SUGAR DEEP and SUGAR MINNOW and saltwater lures such as RANGE VIB and RANGE MINNOW 2 are consistent top sellers in Japanese lure market. Without relying on flashy campaigns or pro endorsements, Bassday has gained a high reputation and level of trust through continuing to produce lures that are easy for anglers to use and catch fish.

OEM Production and development of famous companies' lures

At Bassday, we are also proactive in the development and production of OEM lures. We produce a number of world famous lures for well known companies and these are sold overseas. While our name is not on those products, we are a top-class maker behind the scenes.

About Bassday and BASSDAY-JAPAN.

BASSDAY-JAPAN Inc. is responsible for sales, promotion, and customer management for our domestic and international customers, as well as managing the website. Lure development, design and production is carried out by Bassday Co. Ltd. By separating production and distribution, Bassday is able to run an efficient operation. All enquiries are handled by BASSDAY-JAPAN Inc.

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BASSDAY-JAPAN Inc. Representative Director Hirokazu Makino